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- since 1950 -
Through our solid technology and track record,
we build a connection to the future.
Message from CEO
Representative Director Shota Namita
We believe that the company itself must continue to grow in order to continue providing the same service to our existing customers. To that end, we will actively work on new things. We hope that our company and employees will continue to work together to contribute to our customers with our technology and experience, and to become a company that continues to be essential to society.
Syota Namita
Employee interview
Look at the numbers
Take a look at Seikengraphics through some numbers.
Average overtime hours
Average overtime hours
16.0 hours/day
Average years of service
Average years of service
16.3 Years
Number of paid acquisition days
Number of paid acquisition days
10.7 Day
Paid usage rate
Paid usage rate
60 %
Application Guidelines/Entry
Would you like to work with us? We are looking forward to your application.
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