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Technical Power

Veteran technical staff with manufacturing knowledge and experience travel to overseas partner companies to provide direct guidance to staff. This is an initiative unique to our company, which has a strong commitment to engineering.
In addition to inspecting the quality of finished parts, we also provide detailed explanations of processing procedures, measurement methods, etc., which not only improves the technical skills of our overseas staff, but also enables us to reproduce customer requests at a high level as products.

Our high technical capabilities are supported by the heightened awareness of quality among each and every staff member and by the company's strong commitment to customer satisfaction, including our partner companies.

Management by local staff

In order to maintain high quality in outsourced production, relationships of trust and communication with partner factories play a very important role. At our company, we have full-time Chinese staff, who regularly visit partner companies to share our strong commitment to manufacturing at the field level and to facilitate communication with the head office. plays a role.

As a result of these efforts, our partner factories in China now have slogans in Japanese such as "Quality is the life of the company" and "Safety is the wish of the family." We also focus on training foreign staff and strive to improve quality on a daily basis.

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