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Engineering Sales

"To those in charge of parts procurement, do you have any problems?"

Cost and quality are always concerns when procuring parts.
That's why you need a good confidant who can stand in the same position and solve problems quickly.
Our sales staff are professionals who originally handled parts procurement at our parent company, Seikengraphics.
We aim to solve problems together with our customers, taking into consideration costs and delivery times, and sometimes providing technical consultation on manufacturing methods and other issues.
In addition to quality, the greatest strength of our sales representatives is their excellent proposal and problem-solving abilities as "good consultants."
In addition, the attitude of our sales representatives, who want to help our customers, has earned them praise from many customers, including existing customers, and we have achieved a high repeat business rate.

Our parts procurement professionals will help you

Our sales staff will assist you throughout the process, from technical meetings, ordering, manufacturing, inspection, delivery, and after-sales follow-up. By simply contacting our sales staff, customers can quickly respond to everything from understanding the production status to after-sales follow-up.

Additionally, our sales staff originally had experience in procuring parts from manufacturers.
It is easy to have a meeting based on the processing drawings.
We quickly grasp the current situation and issues of our customers and always strive to provide information that is useful to them.

In addition to our sales staff, we also provide follow-up support from specialized technical staff, so we can respond to more specialized inquiries.

We have received many thanks.

Because this is a proposal-based sales service conducted by people with experience in procuring parts from manufacturers, the words of gratitude we receive from our customers are a bit different.

We have received a variety of "thank you" comments, such as "Thanks to you, we have reduced the number of man-hours needed to process parts" and "It has become really easy to assemble (something that other companies couldn't achieve)."
We have also heard that some of our customers have received internal awards for achieving low costs by doing business with us.

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