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Plate-making Machinery

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Applicable plate material
Plate material: 0.3mm thick aluminum base plate
Size: width 2W/797 to 807mm - 1W/387 to 405mm, length VC24/max 1127mm - VC12/max 580.5mm
processing power
Follows processing speeds of major engine manufacturers
*If the number of operations increases with Multi or Multi A, the processing speed will be slightly slower.
Single machine repetition: within ±0.020mm
Difference between machines: within ±0.030mm
Plate loading/unloading height
895 ± 20mm
External dimensions
Length 1200mm x Width 1740mm (VC24)/1240mm (VC12) x Height 1223~1238mm (excluding buffer and stocker)

Punch bender for CTP (offline type)

External dimensions
1520mm x 1200mm x 1550mm (length x width x height)
Single phase 200V to 240V, max. 2KW Safety earth
Air Pressure

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