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Newspaper Machinery

The newspaper printing process can be broadly divided into three parts: the process of creating a printing plate that loads the assembled paper data onto a rotary press, the process of printing the newspaper, and the shipping process of transporting the printed newspaper to the truck for delivery. We have a lineup of products for all processes.

We have endeavored to develop and commercialize various peripheral equipment, including rotary presses, which are the core of printing lines in the newspaper and printing fields. We are one of only three manufacturers of newspaper printing rotary presses in Japan, and as Kyushu's largest and most cutting-edge mass production factory for offset rotary presses, our related companies have great expectations. Today, we are working on both hardware and software aspects to create a printing environment that meets the needs for higher quality and labor-saving printing. In the field of rotary presses, we have developed a variety of offset rotary presses, including the 65-inch and 85-inch 4x1 machines (HAYABUSA) that reduce running costs, and the 36-inch half-cut 2x1 machine (CITYPRESS) developed for local newspapers.・We have already received high praise in the domestic and overseas markets.

Newspaper Rotary Presses

We always keep the user's perspective in mind and produce newspaper rotary presses that are both low cost and high quality. Starting with the best-selling 4×1 rotary press Model 65, which boasts a track record of delivering over 60 towers worldwide, the Model 85, which has achieved high speed, high quality, and automation, and the Model 77, a low-cost 4x1 machine for overseas markets, and regional We mainly offer a lineup of rotary presses with a one-page circumference, with an emphasis on running costs, such as the 36-inch model, which achieves high cost performance and reliability for printing paper. We also offer a simple and high-quality split arm type SR1 tri-motor for paper feeding paster equipment.

Rotary Machinery

We have developed the Super Panorama System (SPS), which has been attracting worldwide attention and has made it possible to create powerful, ultra-wide page advertisements that can only be expressed through newspaper media, and which we have developed based on our unique ideas. We produce rubber roller stockers that are stable and maintenance-free. We also offer a variety of paper feeding and paper storage related equipment that leverages our extensive newspaper printing know-how.

Plate-making Machinery

Improving registration accuracy is a constant challenge in the newspaper industry. As the trend for rotary presses has shifted to 4x1 machines, requirements for printing plate accuracy have become stricter. Our View Control Punch & Bender uses a high-precision camera to read the register marks drawn along with the pattern on the CTP setter, reliably reproducing the required punching accuracy and plate bending accuracy. We also have equipment that can meet customer needs, such as multi-type and multi-type A that can handle two types of plate bending, and various plate storage devices.

Conveyor Machinery

As printing becomes more diversified, more sophisticated, and multicolor printing rapidly progresses, strict requirements are also being placed on the conveyance equipment for printed paper. Starting with our main product, the CSG Carrier-Mark III, we have received high praise for our extensive experience in both streamlining and increasing productivity in the transportation and shipping departments. From wheel presses to shipping and packaging rooms to truck gates, we aim to provide a more efficient environment in the fields of transportation and shipping, collect information and research, and develop new products to help everyone. I hope I can help you.

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