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Company Information

Message from the President

With the slogan of "being a company built on technology," Seikengraphics has strived to develop and commercialize various peripheral equipment, including rotary presses, which are the core of printing lines in the newspaper and printing fields. Today, we are working on both hardware and software aspects to create a printing environment that meets the needs for higher quality and labor-saving printing.

Company Overview

We are an automation equipment manufacturer with a factory near the Yoshinogari ruins in Saga Prefecture. We develop newspaper rotary presses and other large-scale equipment in-house, and our services range from design and manufacturing to after sales support.

Business Philosophy

Even if times change, our company's goals remain unchanged. We will continue to progress unfalteringly with the spirits of "being a company built on technology" and "putting the customer first."

Who is Seikengraphics

We can handle everything from development, design (mechanical and electrical) to manufacturing, and we have a large assembly factory. Out of a total of 120 employees, we have 30 design engineers and 40 assembly engineers, and we are also good at custom-made development and design.

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Seikengraphics Co., Ltd.

Saga Prefecture, Kanzaki District, Yoshinogari-cho, Yoshida 135
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