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Always challenge new technology
Always challenge new technology
Taking on the challenge of higher-grade manufacturing
About Seikengraphics
70 years of pursuing automation technology through mechanical equipment.
We will continue to progress with the spirits of "being a company built on technology" and "putting the customer first."
Focusing both on Japan and the greater Asia/Southeast Asia regions (China, India, South Korea etc.),
we are a company that continuously develops various business areas, such as newspapers, production machinery, the craft beer industry, and more.
Business Information
From printing machinery and conveyor equipment to AI
and IoT-based robot systems, we provide customer support that puts you first.
Employment Information
A company supporting manufacturing
We look forward to applicants who are interested in manufacturing and who want to grow through their work duties. Let's spend fulfilling days together in manufacturing!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions or consultations!
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